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I’m a New York based writer and an English professor at CUNY. I’ve been researching and writing about notebooks and note-taking for the past two decades. Now, I’m excited to share the most interesting, inspiring, and unique notes with you.

Every week, I’ll send a newsletter focused on a particular note-taker with an overview of their note-taking life, inspiring quotes, archival photos, and meditations on what I’ve learned from their notes. Recent favorites have included posts on Frida Kahlo, James Baldwin, and how successful novelists take notes.

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  • Travel for research: That way, I can share more unique content with you. Here are some of the trips I’m dreaming up: Julia Child’s archive in Cambridge, M.A.; Octavia Butler’s notebooks in L.A.; Michael Ondaatje’s notes in Austin, T.X.…the list goes on.

  • Supporting Archives: Every other month, I will donate a percentage of funds received to an archive I have visited for a “Noted” post. First up: the Schomburg Center for Black Culture (home of Baldwin’s archives). Together, we can do a little bit to make sure these archives remain in place for future generations.

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Jillian Hess
English professor at CUNY & author of How Romantics and Victorians Organized Information (OUP, 2022)